About Christine


Winner of Best Singer/Vocalist 2018 Hudson Valley Magazine 

Dominguez has the kind of soulful voice that could cause an avalanche of swoons… it’s so intimate it might make you blush.

— Crispin Kott, Roll Magazine

Christine Dominguez is a multi-platinum songwriter, award-winning vocalist and producer from Newburgh, New York; a city rich with the urban influences found in her music.

Always captivated by lyrics and melodies, Christine began writing and singing music at just three years old. In second grade, she picked up her first instrument, the violin, and by age fourteen, she was playing guitar, drums, bass, piano and trumpet with ease. It was clear at this young age that music would become more than just a hobby for her.

After doubling up on her workload, Christine graduated high school a year early to jump start her music career. She earned a bachelor’s degree in music production & recording from Bard College, and produced several independently released albums before graduating.

However, one of her most notable accomplishments was co-writing the award winning, 5x platinum hit song, “Airplanes” and the Grammy nominated follow up, “Airplanes Pt. II” recorded by B.o.B, Hayley Williams and Eminem. Christine was the vocalist on the original track that got the song picked up by Atlantic Records.

Building off of her success with songwriting, Christine broke into the world of music for film by co-writing and performing the theme song for the 10x award winning film, “Growing Up Fat & Albanian”. It went on to win 'Best Original Song' at the 2017 Manhattan Film Festival.

Christine’s vocals have also been featured on songs for several music publishing companies and song libraries. These recordings have been featured globally on major television networks and also online media publications.

Recently, Christine was cast as the voice of Bunnny Rabbbit, a leading role in Ron English presents Delusionville, singing alongside Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heroes, among many other talented musicians and vocalists. 

Christine has set herself apart with her unique voice and musical writing style. Her voice can best be described as soulful, sultry and dynamic. For her style, Christine primarily focuses on pop music influenced by R&B, hip-hop and rock. She cites her musical influences as pop legends Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, among others.

Christine enjoys the creative freedom of being an independent artist. To best serve this ambition, Christine launched her own music company, Pleiadian Playground, and continues to collaborate with world-renowned producers and artists, while maintaining creative control of her own music.

“I am adamant about maintaining my creative freedom and the ability to be myself.”

Pleiadian Playground also offers ‘One-Stop’ sync licensing for Christine's entire music catalogue, in addition to creating custom tracks based on client's needs. 

Christine is working on several projects with talented artists and producers from around the world and also teamed up with Grammy award winning mastering engineer, Emily Lazar (Sia, Dave Grohl, David Bowie) at The Lodge in New York City to master her album. Soul Shake, is now available on all major music platforms!