Christine Dominguez is currently recording her new solo album, 100%. The new single "Delicious" and music video are scheduled to be released this summer! Check back soon for details on how to pre-order 100%!

Christine Dominguez is a BMI Award Winning Songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and owner of the independent record label and multimedia company, Pleiadian Playground Productions, LLC. Dominguez co-wrote the multi-platinum hit song "Airplanes", Grammy nominated "Airplanes PT II" (recorded by B.o.B, Hayley Williams of Paramore & Eminem) and is the vocalist of the original "Airplanes" recording.

With an undeniable sense of rhythm and lyrical flow stemming from her urban roots, Dominguez began experimenting with songwriting from the very young age of three. She continued with great ambitions to graduate from high school at age 16 and attend Bard College where she wrote, recorded and produced her two independently released solo albums, Rap it Up (2004) and Almost Acoustic (2006).

WeMustBe, the award winning organic pop duo featuring Christine Dominguez, is an inspired blend of insightful poetry entwined with old soul rhythm. Click to listen to their critically acclaimed album, WeMustBe (2011).

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